Scottish Food and Drink Tourism in 2021

Scottish Food and Drink Tourism

Food and Drink Tourism is defined as – “the visitation to primary and secondary food producers, food festivals, restaurants and specific locations for which food tasting and/or experiencing the attributes of specialist food production region are the primary motivating factor for travel” [Hall & Sharples, 2003]

Basically, people like to include food and drink as a main part go their holidays/ vacations. It has become a cultural discovery for wherever someone ends up. 

Often, Scotland is viewed with some scepticism when it comes to good food, but we have some of the best quality food produce in the world! Where else can you have that AND have a deep-fried Mars bar don’t knock it until you try it :-)?

At, we offer some fantastic high-end tours with Scottish food and drink as the star.  

Regional Food and Drink Discovery Tours 

Our new offering of relaxed, fun, educational and tasty food and drink tours are perfect for the small-group getaway in 2021 (after lockdown). Learn about the hidden culinary gems in Aberdeenshire and Angus.

Frosty gin and tonic garnished with lime surrounded by ice and lime segments

Fine Scottish Restaurants

Scotland also has some incredible restaurants to choose from. The chefs have some of the world’s best produce at their disposal and they can create it into the most incredible meals. There are currently 10 restaurants in Scotland with a Michelin star rating, . These restaurants are in some amazingly idyllic places are perfect for the idea of Scottish food tourism. Combining great produce, great cooking and great scenery is relaxation in one big package. 

At High Spirits Tours, we celebrate the great produce and meal creators that Scotland provides. It may be hidden but it is certainly worth investigating. We can help out to make the perfect trip, .

Ask us about our food and drink produce discovery tours.