Scottish Food and Drink – Food Tourism

Scotland is awash with amazing food and drinks producers and Scottish Food Tourism is becoming more and more popular. From small batch cheese producers to £1 billion world-renowned whisky producers, there is something for everyone. Any food and drink-obsessed individual is in for a treat when visiting Scotland.

Scottish Food Tourism

Scottish food and drink and Food tourism is fast becoming an essential part of any foodies travels. High Spirits Tours have taken many guests to many amazing food and drinks venues since its creation, and continue to do so. Eating fresh seafood at the in Ullapool, in Kishorn or The Crab Shakk https://www.crabshakk.comin the centre of Glasgow is a pleasure on any tour.

Scottish food and drink and food tourism are natural bedfellows. It is possible to get the full experience on farms and factories. is a perfect example of this. The farmer, Grace at this amazing farm allows visitors to get close to her herd of Highland Cattle and there is also the chance to taste the award-winning beef. 



Whisky distilleries have provided great visitor attractions since the 1970s. Many whisky touring ideas are available Islay whisky tours will visit some iconic names in the world of whisky such as,, and along with other not so well known names, Add to the over 130 whisky distilleries in Scotland, 70% of the gin consumed in the UK is now produced in Scotland. Gin distilleries are popping up everywhere and are producing amazing gins, like

Frosty gin and tonic garnished with lime surrounded by ice and lime segments

Fine Scottish Restaurants

Scotland also has some incredible restaurants to choose from. The chefs have some of the world’s best produce at their disposal and they can create it into the most incredible meals. There are currently 10 restaurants in Scotland with a Michelin star rating, . These restaurants are in some amazingly idyllic places are perfect for the idea of Scottish food tourism. Combining great produce, great cooking and great scenery is relaxation in one big package. 

At High Spirits Tours, we celebrate the great produce and meal creators that Scotland provides. It may be hidden but it is certainly worth investigating. We can help out to make the perfect trip, .